(a convenience, not an ego trip)

Hello. There's not much for you at this domain at present. This single Web page just links to some of my noisier interests.

Earthrid releases unusual electronic music, without pursuing any genre - but most of its output could be labelled experimental or dark ambient, with eccentric twists. There is a page on Bandcamp.

Carya Amara is my long-running, low-profile solo electronic music project. There is a page on Bandcamp for that too.

I had the pleasure of being half of each of the duos Abominations of Yondo (with Cousin Silas), Audio Space Research (with Eve Thacker) and Rhythmicon (with Miss Hypnotique). The five resulting albums are available as free downloads on Bandcamp. A new collaboration will take place soon.

It was fun to remix one track for Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin's EP All My Friends Live in Uncanny Valley – The Remixes, and two for John Callaghan's album Remixes of "If Every Day Were Like this One".

Discogs lists some of my contributions to other people's music in terms of mastering, restoration and other sorts of tweaking. Most recently, I was glad to be of assistance with post production on Toxic Chicken's EP Radio Reveries.

kthxbye. 🙃